Residents of Richland have their all-time favourite Richland pub menu as they pound drinks. Food aficionados are easily converted into pub dwellers when Richland pub menu whips up delicious food servings on the best part of the week: Friday nights.

The experience of going to a pub filled with people to have a frosty mug of beer becomes more enjoyable with the anticipation of eating delicious food.

What are the grubs pubs offer that entice their customers time and again?

Chicken Fingers

 Chicken fillets or chicken strips are other descriptions and terms for chicken fingers. The white meat of a chicken found on either side of the breastbone is stripped, dipped in breading mixture, and fried. Chicken fingers are the perfect comfort food to pair with a frosty mug of beer.


The usual hamburger patties level up by topping it with cheese. Topping the hamburger patty with a slice of cheese while hot melt it, thereby creating an amazingly delicious sandwich.

French Fries

French fries are probably the top food favourite pub grub. Often called shoestrings, the elongated, long, and thinly sliced potatoes are always served as soon as they are fried. Pub patrons have the option of ordering either crispy or soft fries to pair with their favourite drinks.

Onion Rings

One of the most popular side dishes or snacks served by pubs in Richland is onion rings. Dipping a sectional ring of onion in bread crumbs or batter before deeply frying it is the usual way of cooking this amazing snack or side dish.


Pizza is another all-time favourite comfort food that is served by the various pubs dotting Richland. This flat and oven-baked concoction that features a variety of toppings makes pizzas the ultimate pub grub on a Friday night.


Beef steaks are considered top-notch quality food served by pubs. The steak is either grilled or, broiled, or pan-fried. Whatever the choice, a juicy steak is the ultimate comfort food for all pub customers.

Jalapeno Poppers

Spicing it up during a night out at the pub becomes more exciting and fun by choosing jalapeno poppers to pair with any alcoholic beverage. The poppers are either wrapped in bacon and fried or, breaded and deep-fried, or grilled, or baked. Dips are served with the poppers, making them delicious hors d’oeuvres any time and all the time.

Mozzarella Sticks

Considered as an appetizer, Mozzarella sticks are made from elongated-sliced mozzarella cheese that is either breaded or battered before frying. It is one of the most perfect examples of delicious finger foods that always set the mood right.


Nachos are a Mexican dish that has become one of the perennial pub grubs. The cheese-based sauce or melted cheese topping tortilla chips with elaborate additions of sliced jalapeno peppers, onions, and tomatoes make nachos a great favourite of pub customers.

Tater Tots

Grating and deep-frying potatoes are the way pubs prepare and cook tater tots. The small size, crispness, and cylindrical shape of tater tots have made it one of the most recognizable pub grub of all.

The pub menu has evolved and levelled up over the years. It is because pub customers want more than the usual peanuts as they pound on the drinks. Learn more about our pub grub menus by contacting us at The Lion Richlands restaurant and bar.