Best Recipes From The 1930s

The 1930s in Australia was an interesting time period. During the 1930s, Australia was going through a period of the Great Depression. Since international demands for goods plummeted, Australia suffered economically and as a result, had many people unemployed.

With such harsh times, housewives struggled to cook delicious food with a shortage of money and overseas products. While there was a struggle, there are still some amazing dishes from the 1930s! Listed below are some of the best recipes from the 1930s!

Duck Liver Wrapped In Bacon

This mouthwatering recipe utilises two types of meats that compliment each other greatly. Duck liver and pork bacon are the primary ingredients in this recipe. It is both quick and easy to make as the meat only takes about 6 minutes to cook on each side.

This dish is still considered a great Australian dish and is served in restaurants all over. In the 1930s this dish was prepared frequently because of the surplus of ducks in comparison to other animals.

Family Meat Pie

Australians in the 1930s truly loved and appreciated the meat. This recipe is another one still used today and is composed of tomatoes, minced beef, finely cut-up onions, pastry, and assorted spices customisable for each family distinct taste.

The family meat pie is named that for a reason. This was a very popular dish because of its ability to feed multiple mouths in a mess-free way. This recipe is not as quick to cook and prepare like duck liver wrapped in bacon but is well worth the time! The meat is prepared one to two days before serving and is marinated with spices and herbs for ultimate flavour. One the meat is properly cooked it is poured into the pastry and baked until golden.

Slow-Cooked Rabbit Stew

During the Great Depression meat was in short supply. However, Australians still ate meat at least three times a day. While they did eat meat during the 1930s, the meat consumed were cheaper alternatives to the more expensive kinds. For example, rather than large amounts of pork, a rabbit would be used to substitute.

One of the best recipes from the 1930s is the slow-cooked rabbit stew. The slow-cooked rabbit stew is exactly what it sounds like. Australians would hunt for rabbit and properly season and marinate it for days. Once the meat had sucked in the flavour, the actual stew would begin to cook. In a large pot over simmering heat housewives would add water, proper vegetables like carrots and onions, and the meat. Over hours and hours, the stew would cook slowly into a delicious and mouthwatering meal perfect for feeding a large family.

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