Sydney is reputed to have moderate weather, beautiful picturesque, rich culture and a heterogeneous collection of lifestyles. Sydney – also known as ‘The Emerald City’, is blessed with attractive beaches, harbour, and parks – and has accommodation for over 10 million tourists that come every year. Unsurprisingly, Sydney has become an ultimate dream destination for people. It’s one of the top must-visit places for holiday makers. However, roaming in expensive cities like Sydney requires a little planning as it can avert you from enjoying to the fullest.
Let’s walk you through 5 ways to explore Australia’s largest dazzling city while staying on budget.

Choose Sundays for travelling

It’s best to travel on Sundays in Sydney for witnessing remarkable landscapes and exploring scenic beauty because Sundays are days of concession. Trips and excursions taking place on Sundays are restricted to a total of $2.60. Get an opal card and travel via any transportation system – metro bus, ferry or light rail and pay no more than $2.60 for the whole day. This is a bonus trip as you can visit major places and sightsee without fretting about the costs of tickets adding up to the total. You could also take a jenolan caves tours from sydney. Grab the opportunity to visit your favourite spots, all in one day.

Eat cheap and avoid expensive meals

Sydney’s a paradise for foodies – enriched with all sorts of foods – giving you endless options. Be it the lavish five-star hotels or vintage street-stalls – the unique fusion combinations will tempt your jaded palate. It’s wise to spend a handful of food and choose good taste at a low price. Noteworthy are the sushi trains railing in the city offering meals for 10 – 20 AUD. The Food Court in MLC Centre, located in the heart of the business district, is another cheap place to eat. From Mexican to sushi and salads to sandwiches, you will get all in one place. Also, avail deals using vouchers such as Lunchalot/Spreets. So bask in and burst into flavours.

Visit free Museums

The city boasts many museums that have free admission – The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Maritime Museum and The Art Gallery of New South Wales feature Australian artists. Explore them and engross yourself in intriguing history displays in exhibitions. The bar and café on the rooftop of The Museum of Contemporary Art have accommodations for eating and enjoying paintings.

Hit the beach

Sydney is known for its stunning beaches. The best way to beat the heat on a sunny day is to relax at the beach. The iconic Bondi Beach, Manly and Bronte are some of the famous beaches and are all free. Make castles of sand, wriggle your toes in the sand, surf in water, discover and spot marine life. The beaches are accessible by ferry/public transit and have accommodation for many. Free barbecue facilities are also available at some beaches.

Do some coastal walking

Amble from one beach to the next and discover the secluded and delightful spots. Look at unique views of eroded rocks of varying colours. Keep an eye on the water and spot some whales too. You can experience the resplendent shores of Sydney for free by enjoying some coastal walks. Let sea waves disrupt your thoughts!