There is a wide range of restaurants that offer different types of services and environments.

Depending on the style of a person, or the occasion and the number of people attending the meeting, people can choose from a variety of restaurants that exist.

Classification by category

In this category, people can know the type of service that offers each restaurant from the most expensive and luxurious to the simplest one.

Luxury restaurant

This type of restaurants has an effective organisation and internal and external policies. The decoration of this type of restaurant has the best quality materials: tables, chairs, carpets, curtains, tablecloths, crockery, glassware, all this is carefully chosen.

In the same way, the food is of the best quality, prepared at the moment, chosen à la carte and served at the table.

The price is according to the service and the quality of the dishes, and they also have a well-selected and varied wine list.

First-class restaurant

These restaurants are also known as full service, it differs from the luxury ones because its sales strategy is different, it offers food a la carte, or on the menu that can present 5 to 7 different service times, besides, it has a limited variety of alcoholic beverages.

While the restaurants with five forks are very exclusive, those with four are a bit more common, and they are what is usually known as a “good restaurant.”

Second class restaurant

It is also known as a tourist restaurant, it is distinguished from the previous two because it does not have special access for employees and suppliers, and they use the same as customers but at a time when there is no service.

The service space is more restricted, and its menu has only six times: hors d’oeuvres, soups and creams, vegetables, eggs or pasta, fish specialties, meat and dessert specialties, sweets, ice cream or fruit.

Third class restaurant

In this type of restaurants, the supplies are resistant without needing to be luxurious, up to 4 starters can be offered.

Similarly, the entrance is shared by customers and staff.

This is considered an average restaurant, without the luxuries of finer restaurants, but maintaining a good presentation and much more affordable prices.

Fourth class restaurant

In these establishments the dining room and kitchen are separated, only a simple menu with at least four entries is offered. Simple, clean and resistant dishes, glassware and table linen.

This kind of establishment is the most common and easy to find, since functionality and accessibility is the priority, without weighing so much luxury.

Types of restaurants (by concept)

There is another classification of restaurants that is defined according to social customs, habits and personal requirements and the type of customers:

Gourmet Restaurants

Here the foods are of high quality and served at the table; the service and menu are very similar to the first class; in general, it specialises in unusual and very well prepared dishes.

Specialty Restaurant

It offers a limited variety of cooking styles, and its menu has different dishes according to its specialty. Sometimes it is confused with the ethnic restaurant that usually offers the most representative dishes of a region.

Buffet restaurant

Diners can choose from a variety of dishes cooked and ready for self-service. Generally, the price is a fixed amount per person, although sometimes the price is according to the number of dishes.

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